Recording a Podcast

Another powerful form of storytelling and journalism is the recorded podcast. Using a Zoom recorder or another type of high quality recording device will allow you to capture not only reflections that can be transcribed for written reports but audio commentary that can be edited into a standalone story or series. In this guide, we provide an overview of the various components and techniques that go into making a successful podcast.


The formula for a podcast episode is:

  1. Scene Setter –  Paint a picture

Ex: “We’re here at the Global Top Gun, it’s day 2, the room the air is cold, but the room is full of energy lots of singing, everyone is dressed in their Sunday best and ready for the day!”

  1. Sound Bite – Cut to sounds of the scene described; ex: room of people singing
  1. Lead in – State the main subject of the podcast

Ex: “This morning we heard from Demian Dunkley, who spoke about the vision of this workshop.”

  1. Sound Bite – A quote from a speaker to support your lead-in

Ex: A quote from Demian’s presentation

  1. Interview(s) – Ask people about the event

Ex: “So what did you think? Was there something he said that stood out to you today?”

Participant – “OMG lets do this! I’m ready to start! Big shout out to my mom! Thanks!”

  1. Concluding Recap – Close and thank

Ex: “Cool, thanks! There you have it .. Alright, that’s it from Global Top Gun Day 2; we’re signing out from Cheon Pyeong, Korea. Thanks for listening to Familyfed radio and be sure to check back regularly for live updates from Korea. Thanks for listening!”


Some additional techniques:

Behind the Scene Feeling

Ex: “Alright now we are up on the mountain where people are praying” – light behind the scene voice, like we shouldn’t be there recording but we are… we are bringing people there when they aren’t supposed to be there!

Share what you feel… even with a friend

Ex: “There is this feeling you get from Cheon Pyeong, isn’t there?” “Yeah, this place changed my life, you know?”


Basic Questions

  • Can you introduce yourself? First name and where you’re from (maybe what they do if they have some significant role)?
  • Was there something from this presentation/event that really stood out? What do you feel called to do?
  • What was your favorite part about today?
  • How do you feel now? What was that like?
  • Why is it important?
  • How would you describe this event/thing/project for someone who knows nothing about it?
  • Anything else? Anything… shoutouts?