Audio for Video

Audio is very import for video. More than half of the impact the viewer gets from your video is coming from audio. It is crucial to acquire clear sound through external microphones for presentation/interview types of video. At same time, how you clip the mic is very important for how it looks, not just for sound quality.

How to clip the mic (lavalier mic) on talent

Bad examples:

These are some bad examples. Usually happen when you don’t care and/or let the speakers to do it themselves. They usually have no idea how it should be, so don’t let them. You also need to know the right way.

 1 2

Bad Example


 5 6
 7 8

Bad Example


Almost, but not quite right.


In all these examples, the cable is visible. Some of them look pretty bad.



Right way

This is how you should place the mic. Next time when you watch the news on TV, pay attention to how they do it.

 11 12

This is how you should run the cable.





This is almost there but not right. The cable is not going over the top of clip.

 17 18

If you don’t have the cable nicely curved under the mic and not going over the top of clip, this happens.

Here the cable comes out and is visible.


Or this happens.

The tip of the mic is touching the shirt and making noise. If the cable is going over the clip, this doesn’t happen.


One very useful tip

When the texture of the clothes is too soft, the mic doesn’t stay pointing up.

This happens



Do this to fix the problem.


Insert a piece of cardboard behind the clothes. It will be a good support to keep the mic pointing up.

But be very careful that the piece of paper does not show during the shoot. Before you start recording, ask the talent to shake a little and check that the piece of paper doesn’t move.

Taping the cable behind the jacket is always good idea.