Dplife Postmasters’ Guidelines

Welcome, DP Life postmasters! Here is your posting checklist and social media guide.

Posting to DPLife

  1. Log into dplife.info/wp-admin
  2. Add a new post
  3. Fill in the title, body text, categories, author, tags (tail end of Meta Tags, see below), related Dojo category (if any), excerpt and SEO title, description (Meta Line, see below), and keywords (Meta Tags, see below)
  4. Upload all the following images:
  • Featured image: 394 x 218px
  • Featured post thumbnail: 800 x 450px
  • Featured post image background: 1505 x 408px
  • Featured post image background mobile: 414 x 676px
  • Featured post video background preview: 1505 x 408px
  • Single post main banner image: 1505 x 408px
  • Single post main banner image mobile: 375 x 375px


Tags and Categories

  • Editors should choose a category for all posts in the backend of the site.  There can be multiple tags per post, for example: Youth, Health, Music, etc.
  • Try to use tags that have been used before. Tags will diminish in value unless they are consistent. For example, if one is tagged Youth, and one is tagged Young, it won’t help. To see if a tag has been used before, begin typing and see if it pops up automatically as a suggested tag below the text box. 


Meta Line & Meta Tags

  • Provide Meta Line (extremely short 1 sentence), ex: Spiritual and physical well being is easier to achieve than you might think.
  • Provide tail end of Meta Tags (minimum 5)
  • spirituality, unificationism, unification church, unification, rev. moon, reverend moon, career, love, true love, moonie, moonies, family federation for world peace and unification, family federation, ffwpu, god, life, happiness, how to find true love, religion, God’s true love, community, spiritual community, mind body unity,  + 5


Social Media

Posting blog to Facebook:

  • Facebook post blurb: short, enticing, “this applies to you” type of message. 1-2 sentences. Style is ALL CAPS HEADER and 1-2 sentences on a new line.
  • Drag URL page icon of the DPlife blog post from a separate window. If image does not appear, refresh and retry. If image appears too zoomed in, upload the thumbnail anew. When posting make sure image shows up large, otherwise delete and retry.
  • Boost every Facebook post for $10. Competitions should be super boosted.
  • Posts can be scheduled for a later date/time if necessary.

Timing of Posts to Facebook: 

  • Overall activity (page views, users, sessions) is highest around 9-10am and 7-9pm. Facebook peak response time is 6pm. Twitter peak hours are from 11-3pm, but highest traffic is 1:00pm in general.