Familyfed Postmasters’ Guidelines

Welcome, Familyfed postmasters! Here is your posting checklist and Familyfed-specific codes for formatting posts. 

Posting on Familyfed.Org

  1. Log into
  2. Go to “Posts” on Dashboard and click “Add New”
  3. Fill in all fields:
  • Title
  • Featured Video (optional)
  • Body (story and images, etc)
  • Check ALL appropriate categories, channels, people, locations and media
  • Upload a featured image – 480px by 269px is ideal
  • Select the featured image in Yoast SEO “Facebook image” section
  • Select the appropriate Lower Third background, icon and text
  • Fill in Excerpt field (optional)

Please Note:

All images embedded within the post must be between 721 and 1000px wide



Useful HTML

Universal HTML codes:

<p> -open paragraph

</p> -close paragraph

<b> -bold

<i> -italic

<a href=”LINK URL”>Linkable Text</a> -link code

target=”_blank” -add in link code for link to open in new tab

Familyfed-specific HTML codes

(these will work on Familyfed posts only – other sites will not recognize)

<div class=”video-container”></div> 
Wrap around video embed code to contain video within screen on mobile devices
Zenfolio slideshow:
<div class=”video-container”><div><iframe width=”702″ height=”400″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”background-color:#555555;”></iframe></div></div>
Enter src section of zenfolio embed code between “” in src=””
<div class=”fullimage”></div>
Wrap around image code to contain images within screen on mobile devices
Add in link code for button


Double Check the Zenfolio Album

  • Set to ‘Private’ any duplicate photos or photos that look similar
  • Set to ‘Private’ shots of people sleeping in the audience
  • Set to ‘Private’ any unflattering photo. Ask yourself if you would like to be tagged on Facebook if that was a photo of you? If the answer is no, then it is unflattering.

Feature the Zenfolio Gallery



  • Make sure to crop photos to the correct aspect ratio
  • Always caption photos


Components of channels:

 Weekly Update_icons_lower thirds


Happenings_icon_lower thirds


Featured Messages_icon_lower thirds


Resources_icon_lower thirds


History_icon_lower thirds


Peace TV_icons_lower thirds 

*Use Happenings Near & Far lower third, and write, “Around the World”


True Peace_icon_lower thirds



Social Media

  • Enter post URL, then erase after image appears. If image does not appear, refresh and retry. If image appears too zoomed in, upload the thumbnail anew. When posting make sure image shows up large, otherwise delete and retry.
  • Enter blurb – ALL CAPS header, skip two lines, then 1-2 sentence blurb
  • Boost every Facebook post for $10.
  • Posts can be scheduled for a later date/time if necessary.