Familyfed Writer’s Guidelines

Welcome, Familyfed writers! The following guidelines will help you submit a complete piece for the Familyfed website. Please send your stories and photos to, or fill out this form.

Deliverable: final attached document

Components of a submitted piece:

*Final submitted piece via email attached as a .doc or .docx. Word count for articles is 400, 640, or 800-word pieces, depending on the type of post (announcements are short, reports are of medium length and articles can be up to 800 words)

  • Title
  • Long pieces need subtitles, bolded
  • Body text
  • Photos
  • Captions
  • Contributor’s name
  • Calibri font, size 11, single spaced
  • No formatting: left aligned, no indent, one return-space between each paragraph
  • Suggested title (attention-grabbing, enticing, limit to 3-5 words long)
  • Author’s bio (name, city and state, education/current position)

Main style points:

  • Voice: Descriptive report with lively narrative.
  • When referring to individuals, use first name after initial introduction (John Smith lives in New York…John has three sons.) When referring to more than one member of the same family use first names after initial introduction.
  • When referring to individuals with titles, use title and last name after initial introduction (Dr. John Smith lives in New York…Dr. Smith has three sons.)
  • When abbreviations first appear in an article, spell out the actual title and place abbreviation in brackets  – Generation Peace Academy (GPA) – afterwards, use only abbreviation.
  • Italicize title for books, tv shows, films; CDs, magazines, newspapers, journals, album titles (Do not italicize the Divine Principle, the Bible, the Quran)

*Knowing when to use quotes, italics, or underlining can be difficult. Writer’s Relief proofreaders can help you proofread your creative writing submissions to be sure your titles are properly formatted.

Photo guidelines:

If you are submitting a piece, you must also submit photos. DO NOT EMBED PHOTOS IN A WORD DOCUMENT. Please send them separately.

Photos should be high quality, with good composition, angling and lighting. Submit original photos (highest resolution possible), unedited.

    • Size: minimum size 5mb, 10×10
    • Type: jpeg, RAW file
    • Send: dropbox if very large. share dropbox link with
    • Send: email if under 25mb.
    • Captions for all images (from left to right:  names divided by commas. If the people have positions: Name, Position; Name, Position; etc.) place, event, city and state, date

For more photo guidelines, click here.  

How to Write a Proper:


  • Tone: Write in a warm, loving and honoring tone, recognizing the individual’s life achievements. In each area of life mention what was memorable about that person, what he/she contributed or was recognized for, how he/she is remembered.
  • Title: Victorious Life of [Full name of the ascended]
  • Date of Birth – Date of ascension
  • Introduction: Full name, date and place of birth, family, education and career
  • Significant accomplishments and activities
  • History as a Unificationist, Blessing attended & name of spouse if applicable
  • Other family members
  • Personality traits
  • Anecdotes, stories about individual from others
  • Conclusion: Conditions of his/her passing (optional), age, city & state where they were residing when they passed away, close with words of gratitude and love
  • Photos: Submit unedited, high quality digital photos with good lighting. Provide captions and identify family members/other people in photos. Provide enough photos to create a pictorial story of the individual’s life.

Farewell Notice

  • Voice: gratitude, recognition, well wishes, positivity. Avoid the announcement sounding heavy, grave or as a loss, as in an obituary.
  • Introduction: A phrase of sincere gratitude as we bid [Name] farewell from his/her position as [Position title] and celebrate his/her significant contribution and impact. Mention replacement, if any.
  • Personal history and achievements, positions served, vision and projects
  • Quote from the individual upon leaving
  • Future plans